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Aceh Province is the most tip of the island of Sumatra in Indonesia, Aceh has lot of language diversity and also a beautiful natural charm of many places that can be visited if you are into Aceh, is one of the advantages of different regions are there in Indonesia, an awful lot of sights that have natural beauty and abundant natural wealth as well. Sabang is zero kilo meters from Indonesia.


This western most island of Sabang save lots of natural beauty that is fitting for a visit along with your family or entertain themselves because it was saturated with urban atmosphere. Not a few people who want to go to Sabang to do a fun and excitingvacation.Before going to Sabang, certainly you will find advance information about the many attractions that you can visit in Sabang. Now you can get a variety of information from our site.


Beach Paradiso is located in near of sabang town. Beach Paradiso is a favorite place of the family and community time to suppress in the evening while enjoying to see the sunset and also sunrise.There are already provided an ful lot of sitting place, so you want to enjoy the beauty of Beach Paradiso you can relax while sitting on the edge of the beach.


Further destinations that you can visit is the Ujung Kareung beach. The sights of this one are a beach that could serve as a place to channel the hobby fishing. In addition, natural view given in the sights of this one is very beautiful and impressive.


The sights of this one is a very fitting to visit when You want to enjoy a variety of beauty of the ocean in the Klah Island. There you can see a keramba who cultivating fish kerapuh which are managed by the local community.


Further destinations that you can visit is the Kasih beach. The sights of this one is a beach with white sand that is located close to the city centre at Sabang. The beauty of this one has a very fitting for those of you who love to see stunning views to enjoy your vacation


The last destinations places that you can visit are the Sumur Tiga Beach. Located in the coastal village of Ie Meule. There you will be given with a very charming natural scenery with a variety of interesting things. There is also available a variety of facilities such as accommodation, so you can spend the night on the Sumur Tiga Beach. many cottage, the villa you can rent in different price, if you want to stay at one or two night in sumur tiga beach you can choice the villa or cottage. Sumur tiga beach is so closely from the Sabang town you can go to Sabang town form the sumur tiga beach only 30 minutes by motorcycle, many people if they go to Sabang island stay in this area.


Further destinations you can visit the Gapang Island. There you will be presented with a very beautiful panorama. In addition to the facilities provided in the sights this one fairly complete as cottage and villa, food stalls, and rental equipment for conducting activities snorkelling. The is location is on Sabang-Iboih street at 21 km. In this place, you can enjoy yourself, your friend and your family. If you want to snorkel you can rent the equipment in this area and you can find the best snorkelling spot in this area.


Further attractions are the attractions of the beach, Iboih. The beach of this one is a very beautiful beach, where you enjoy the enchanting beaches and is equipped with various facilities. On the beach in Iboh many things you can do like swim, play sand, even to snorkeling.


Zero kilometer monument is the most tourist places the tip of which is obligatory on the visit by the tourists who visited the island of Sabang, not completely it seemed if not viewed directly and is in Sabang Island 0 kilometre monument, many who come to the monument kilometer 0, if you want certificate you can make and pay only 2 $ for one certificate. Related article