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On A Budget? You Can Still Have a Girls Night Out!

It’s been a long week and you and some friends are ready to get away for a few hours, a girl’s night out. All of you have worked hard all week long and you not only need and want this night out, you all deserve it too. If the husbands and kids try to give you a guilt trip, tell them one Friday night out after work for a few hours will make for a happier woman. And a happier woman is easier to live with.

The ‘normal’ night out usually means dinner in a restaurant that doesn’t have a playground attached or where they yell your name out when your order is ready. And then heading to a club for some dancing and a few drinks. And, unfortunately, the budget is telling you “no can do”. But we are here to tell you it doesn’t take a lot of money for a night out with your gal pals!

The Perfect Girls Night Out Planning

1. The Who

A few hours away by yourself is nice, but a girl’s night out is the ultimate nice. Choose two, or three of your best gal pals. Often “the more the merrier”, but when on a budget, keeping it small is best. You’ll be able to maximize the deals we’re going to tell you about and it makes the mobility of the group easier and primed. A foursome is just the right size for a girl’s night out when on a budget.

  1. Find the Free Events

There are several websites you can use, like Time Out. Here you find free and inexpensive events happening every night of the week. The bigger the city, the more stuff you’ll find of course. There is something everywhere from dancing, exhibits and more.

But don’t despair if you are in smaller area, there are things to do in small towns that can be just as much fun. Visit the local coffeehouse that’s known for live music on Friday nights. If there isn’t anything happening there, how about a karaoke bar? One of your gal pals takes the stage and the fun will begin!

3. Find a Free Makeover

Check the major stores in the malls and strip centers around you and schedule free make-overs for your group. Most national stores offer these all week long, but for a Friday or Saturday night out, it would be smart to call ahead and reserve a spot for you and your gal pals. Sometimes a purchase is required to get that free makeover, so make it something that you already use, even if it’s a different brand. It will be money well spent.

4. Find The Happy Hours

Again, the internet is your starting point with a website like barHappy. They have a database full of happy hours with awesome deals and some even include food! Unless you’ve got a designated driver or will be relying on public transportation, keep your bar hopping in one general vicinity. Some cities with public transportation have passes you can purchase that will be much cheaper than paying for a taxi cab. Remember, you’re goal here is a girl’s night out on a budget, so plan and keep your budget in mind.

5. Create a Schedule

This may sound like its taking the fun out of your girl’s night out, but keep your focus on all the fun you and your gal pals will be having, and the schedule won’t be a chore. Start your night with the makeovers first and then hit all the free events you find. Those are usually early evening hours, so get to them before you do the bars and clubs. If you’re planning on getting around on foot, you want to plan so that you don’t walk a mile to one place and then turn around and walk the other direction.

In Closing

See, it is possible to have an affordable and fun girl’s night out! All it takes is just a little research time and little bit of planning. We recommend doing the makeover first early on when the stores aren’t their busiest. Then remember to set your cell phone’s alarm so you’ll know when it is time to move on to the next event. Keep in mind, the bars depend on early arrivals to get their night started. The drinks are often half priced and the appetizers are free.

And whatever you and your gal pals plan, remember to be safe and smart!  The designated driver is a must if you don’t want public transportation or taxi fare to eat up your fun budget.