Aceh Tsunami Museum

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Tsunami Museum is a symbol and icon about the natural disaster that’s in the middle the town of Banda Aceh, Tsunami Museum constructed by the Governments and also designed by one of the popular designers in Indonesian named is Ridwan Kamil currently being a mayor, Tsunami Museum Construct on the wake of Tsunami and also in use as one of several visitors location that are worth to see Tsunami Museum , is constructed by Governments in order to make the people in Aceh generally and the people of Indonesia particularly could be relived events of earth quake and tsunami that occurred at Dec Twenty six, 04,Tsunami Museum also one of the centres of education and learning about disaster as well as a Centre for disaster protection for many people on Aceh.

Tsunami Museum has area 2600 m² constructing which made geometrical and enclosed a relief of the wall structure all of very charming, inside the building visitors getting into two dark aisles covered by waters just like – will remember the Tsunami happened to visitors, after passing through a dark hallway this tourists will pass through lots of collections – a collection of photographs about the Tsunami Aceh destroy ranging from , destruction, dying, corpses, corpses lay – and also at the time – shoulder hands supporting Tsunami victims on Aceh and it can all be found directly on Tsunami Museum.

On Tsunami Museum visitors also will spending 1 of the room which in her there’s a towering chimney over and above his bearing this symbol Lafas ALLAH, after going through this room you’ll be brought to the bridge crossing the bridge from where the visitors will see the Fifty-four Country flag took part petrified of early on rehabilitation , reconstruction and also recovery, after passing the bridge travellers moving up to the 3rd floors which is on the 3rd floors is the centre of technology and science where travellers could learn a lot about the existing Tsunami in Aceh from Tsunami Museum.

Tsunami Museum is at Sultan Iskandar Muda Streets Baiturrahman Sub Distric, Tsunami Museum adjacent with the cemetery where the grave of the Kerkoff Peucut , access to Tsunami Museum Location is really easy due to the Tsunami Museum located in Banda Aceh city, the travellers could using a transports motor tricycles or becak in bahasa and also taxi. Homesite